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tv   WGN Morning News  CW  August 7, 2014 4:00am-5:01am CDT

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an alert for attempted child luring on the northwest side. we'll have the latest in a *live report. illinois state police is sending dozens of troopers to help chicago police round up fugitives. and the first ebola patient evacuated to europe arrives in spain. why an experimental treatment is likely not an option. good morning. i'm erin mcelroy. dan will be here next hour. thanks for joining us on the wgn morning news at *4 a-m. demetrius ivory has a check of our weather. good morning, demetrius. >> rain is coming through. the you have been warning us. >> yesterday was ok thursday is a different story. chance of showers and storms which should develop this afternoon. cold front will come through. these temperatures will hold steady
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through the morning. and to the afternoon. not much of it woman. high temperature near 80 degrees. across the region, 67 degrees in chicago. 62 in lansing. 64 in joliet. settlement composite shows are temperatures will rise into the afternoon but as to get into the evening with climb into the '70s. 79 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. today's official height is about in the greece.80 degrees. >> of star with 83 with the ongoing road work. we have a few maps of this. it blocks like we have a picture coming through. here is northwest highway the work being done due to the water main. this is the last day of this project. we shot this from
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above yesterday conceded extensive closure closings and the taurus. and heading over to irving park from all but a lot of work is being done through its intersections. the numbers are looking good volume is light. we will have an update on all of your traffic in just a minute. >>police issued an alert after a man tried to lure two girls into his car. tonya francisco is live in the belmont gardens neighborhood with more.. tonya? >> good morning. police wasted no time getting this alert out to the community it happened in today around 5:00 p.m.. two young girls were apparently in the back of a home in the 3500 block of west dimming when a man drove by trying to talk to them and try to get them into his car. instead the girls took off and police were called. what made the situation more scary is
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that the man had a pit bull in the car with him. police were given a good description of the suspect and the car. between 35-40 years old. 6 ft. six two. straight black hair with blue eyes, crookedly yellow teeth, clean shaven with an olive complexion. the girl said he had a deep scary voice and the dog was a brown people with red color eyes. as for the car, it's a gray colored four-door honda with black rims with a letter each in the center can. the car also the paint missing in the front and sounded loud. the car also had a hood ornament that looked like horns. if you have information you're asked to call detectives at 312-744-8261. you can also send an anonymous tip
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to: tips dot com. >> kidnapping happened twice in lakeview. both happened to the same girl at hamlin park, on the 30- hundred block of north hoyne. the girl was in the park's fieldhouse on july 25-th, when a man came from behind, grabbed her shoulder, and tried to turn her around. the girl ran out, but then she saw the same man at the same park the next morning. the man went up to her again, even though she was with her mother. but the man ran when her mother asked him if he was the same man who approached her daughter the night before. two men are in custody after trying to steal a cart full of groceries. it happened at the harlem and foster jewel-osco around seven p-m yesterday. witnesses say the two men were inside filling up their cart full of groceries. soon after, they left the store without paying... and loaded up their red ford in attempt to make a fast getaway. that's when store employees notified a shopping off-duty
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police officer.. the officer then fired at the offenders as they accelerated their vehicle towards her. >> i heard what sounded like a traffic crash that happened very often. but when i came out there were several police vehicles. as i came out of the ambulance came out and took what i believe was the off-duty officer away. >>no one was injured.. police are still investigating. the current cease fire between israel and hamas is now in its last day. both sides have negotiators in egypt trying to strike some kind of deal. israel says the current cease fire can be extended unconditionally, but hamas says nothing is decided yet. israel is trying to get hamas to agree to disarm. but hamas wants israel to end its blockade in gaza and release some of its prisoners. one hamas official threatened to quit the talks if their demands were not met. the c-d-c is on high alert and working overtime on the ebola virus outbreak in west africa. the new drug used on two american patients shows promise, but andrew spencer reports its too early to call it a sure-
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fire cure to the deadly epidemic. and did what they call the biggest and most complex ebola outbreak in history the centers for disease control put its emergency operations center on a high state of alert bringing in extra staff and working long hours. officials have reached out to the who and other international agencies. >> hoping to bolster the system already in place. let's nip as early as possible any additional outbreaks of disease. >> 932 people have died from confirmed or reported cases of ebola. liberia's president has declared a state of emergency. they're the case include a spanish priest who is being treated in madrid having been said flown back to spain just as two americans were taken to the u.s.. but what of the experimental treatment given to
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the doctors? >> we have to let the science guide us. i don't think all the information is in on whether it's helpful. >> we've had to who got it. you want to wait a few weeks to see that they don't it's terrible side effects that delivers are not destroyed or they don't just die suddenly of the unexpected consequence. >> for now they're focusing resources on courage and achievement, public awareness and prevention. >>a mother is suing chicago police, claiming they falsely arrested her 10-year-old son. the sun times reports tanisha mcgee and her son were picking up chinese food back in april, when several officers approached them. mcgee claims police grabbed her son, roughed him up, and asked him if he had a gun. the suit claims that police did not find a gun, but put the boy in the back of a squad car and questioned him about gang activity. she's seeking punitive damages from the city and police for excessive force, false arrest and emotional distress. 40 illinois state troopers will help chicago police hunt down fugitives in four of the city's
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most crime ridden areas. details of the partnership are still being finalized, but the troopers will bolster the police department's fugitive apprehension unit, which currently has 77 officers. the idea is to cut crime by getting wanted suspects off the street before they commit more. but community groups say it's just a band-aid that doesn't address the underlying causes of crime. >> and lester bringing hope and economic opportunities they're wasting time. >> fugitive apprehension is the simplest way to reduce crime because she put handcuffs on them didn't commit a crime tomorrow or later on today. >>mayor emanuel says the troopers will assist for 30 days, then the program's effectiveness will be evaluated to determine if it should continue. arrow-stream c-e-o steven la- voie remains in critical condition after last thursday's shooting in a loop office building. la-voie was shot in the head and stomach by a disgruntled employee, upset about a demotion... who then killed himself. the company also announced yesterday that la-voie's wife,
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jody, will fill his shoes until the company names an interim c- e-o. some streets are still closed after the chemical spill near the cell. a truck exited the dan ryan at 35-th street because it was leaking hydro-chloric acid. no one was injured. streets surrounding u-s cellular field were closed just before the sox game started. all dan ryan ramps are now back open. but wentworth is still closed between 35-th and 37-th streets. - two soldier field luxury suites vandalized over the weekend... will be cleaned up and ready for friday's preseason opener. police say the damage happened after "family fest" on saturday. there was a fire set in one of the suites. the other.. had writing carved into the walls and a pentagon shape painted on the carpet. officials believe it was a man caught trespassing early sunday morning. an american astronaut has been taking some amazing pictures of earth from the international space station. check out this one of chicago. that's chicago on the lower left and detroit on the far
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right. reid wiseman has been sharing pictures on his twitter account since he arrived at the space station in may. wiseman has also been capturing pictures of typhoons, hurricanes and volcanoes. i thought i was something special and send the pictures from my helicopter. >> this guy did it one step further. let's take a look at our day-to-day. temperatures will be in the 60s across the region. upper 60s in some cases. lane tech is 1 degrees cooler. much cooler as to leave the center of the city. it's 59 in waukegan. elsewhere we are back into warmer temperatures at 67. satellite are composite shows cloud cover across a region. expect for this clouds to linger through the day. the rain is
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down to our south. this will be a close call but we are expected to the most part to see sunshine mixed in with clouds. a 30 percent chance of rain on friday. saturday, 79. sunday another chance of rain to climb up to 80. monday we hit 82 tuesday down to 79. temperatures are going to be in the upper '70's and low eighties for the next week. >> coming up, hawaii prepares for a strengthening hurricane. and hundreds of men are arrested across the country in a prostitution crackdown including right here in chicago. and what happens when a woman loses her pet monkey outside a pizza shop? it's all caught on camera.
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hawaiians are preparing for not just one hurricane, but two! "iselle" is the state's first hurricane in 22-years... it's expected to hit the big island tonight -- bringing heavy rains, 85 miles per hour winds, and some flooding. that's followed a few days later by the less threatening hurricane "julio." cashhawaii's governor has signed an emergency proclamation -- giving the island access to state disaster funds. nearly 5-hundred people have been arrested in a nationwide sex trafficking sting.. a handful were right here in cook county. nearly 30 law enforcement
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agencies across the country conducted sting operations by using decoys and fake ads... they were posted on back page and criagslist -- two popular sites for sex trafficking. cook county sheriff - tom dart - believes targeting pimps and johns.. will give some sex workers a chance at a new life. >> it's a daunting task. no illusions that we may be putting people out of business. if you want to solve the problem try to work with getting them out of the profession. >>14 pimps and 184 johns have been arrested.. while 111 prostitutes were recovered. here in cook county.. a john was arrested for trying to make a deal with a decoy while riding a bike. a new teacher at an oklahoma high school needs to work on her back-to-school preparation. lorie hill was arrested early this week when she showed up for the first day of school drunk... and without any pants. does a reason to cut her off at the waist for that shot. police say other teachers found her passed out, before any students
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arrived. she reportedly admitted to having some vodka that morning. she faces a public intoxication charge. just when you thought you heard all the good stories we have one more. animal control had to take a woman's monkeys away, after one of them bit someone. the attack was caught on this security video. the woman in the blue tank top had three monkeys with her outside a pizza place in california. one of the monkeys ran underneath a car. another woman picked it up, and was trying to give it back, when it bit her on the arm. >> and fell like a real fast poke. >> he described her and did what you would do if he saw a really good burrito. >>the monkey bite left behind a small cut on the arm. the victim got a tetanus shot as a precaution. animal control says the monkeys' owner did not have permits for owning exotic pets. >> i think that would be the least of your worries. >> and not worry about the monkey am worried about the people they interviewed they may
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need rabies shots. i think it is legalized in some areas. >> you only have one minute for weather don't fool round. >> talking about the country's social issues. wind of the northeast at 6 mi.. call the weather today it's 67 in chicago. 56 in waukegan. 58 in aurora. sublets completed shows we have cloud cover across the region. it will linger through the morning and there will the near miss of the low pressure system. it's going to greece us into tonight and tomorrow bring in the chance of showers in the south of 80. the rain could be heavy at times especially into portions of central illinois. the computer model is showing the stuff hitting the brakes as it mixes with close to 80. chance for rain today and tomorrow, highest as a travel south. today's high temperature
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is about 80 degrees. it will be cooler along the lake. tonight's low is 63. chance of showers to the south. a the greece on friday. the chance of rain on saturday as well high- temperature about 79 degrees. >> let's look at the work on 94. the south bound at grand. this ramp work on the exit ramp will be in place through september 3rd. on top of that, we have work on 83 also going through early fall. not finished until september 12th you'll be down to a single lane through they're all related to abridgments project. numbers look good. nice and light volume. that's one good part about 4:00 a.m. you miss all the traffic. before that coming up, the epic battle of caused verses angeles. and the battle for backup
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quarterback heat up for the preseason opener. >> and there's camp is in full effect. i went down to talk to some of the fans. how well do the fans know their chicago bears based on their tweets. that story's coming up. so i get invited to quite a few family gatherings. heck, i saved judith here a fortune with discounts like safe driver, multi-car, paperless. you make a mighty fine missus, m'lady. i'm not saying mark's thrifty. let's just say, i saved him $519, and it certainly didn't go toward that ring. am i right? [ laughs ] [ dance music playing ] so visit today. i call this one "the robox." last look at the bears and
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before friday's preseason opener. bennett still suspended with some talks but he may pseudopod but his teammates are having fun even if he's not around to screw things up. >> what is he doing? >> that brandon marshall asking the tough questions. if you're wondering who'll be the backup quarterback, so is the coaching staff. friday will be an important addition. one guy will get the job. the one thing they don't want to do against the eagles is over think it. >> definitely had been guilty of that before trying to do too much only getting a few drives. academy to happen. i feel confident in my understanding of what the coaches want which is they want to see you get the
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ball in your hands check down underneath taking the easy thing that's what they want. i think that's the way to play quarterback. >> i feel confident like i know the system. not where a want to know what and where no it down the road from now but i feel comfortable getting in the plays and just executing what the coaches call and getting some first downs. >> at the cell yesterday i thought i told you no interviews. socks and rangers not good sale gives it up one of two homers and the sox center fielder needed a fence he had to come out of the game they play in seattle tonight and then the clock. cubs and the rockies play at 2:00 from denver. all baseball all the time. that's morning sports. >>the cubs newest rookie failed
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to capitalize on the late- game heroics from his debut. javier baez went oh- for- four in the second game of his career. tied at three in the fifth when chris coglan doubles to deep left and the go- ahead run scores... he was three- for- three. but jake arrieta fell apart in the next inning... he gave up seven straight hits including a two- run homer to carlos gonzalez. arrieta's nine earned runs ties a career high. cubs lose 13-4. they finish the series in colorado this afternoon, right here on wgn. they're calling it *jaws versus claws* down under. and brutus the crocodile wins by a knockout. tourists cruising the adelaide river spotted the famed 18-foot croc along the bank and noticed a fin near its mouth. as a crowd of about 25 gathered, it became obvious that brutus hadn't just caught a trout... it was a small bull shark... which he made a meal of. it may have been sweet revenge for brutus... legend has it he lost a front leg and his teeth to another shark years ago.
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vindication. >> you have no idea how many guys arguments that solved right there alligator purses shark. now we know we always wondered who would win now we just need a bear and a plan together and that will solve. >> we doing this again? >> i'm just saying we know of the gator wind spirit and telling you, it's good to be a guy with all these things to talk about. here the current temperatures. we will hit 80 degrees today. tonight we're back down to 71 by 9:00 p.m.. >> with some ongoing road work outside along 55 and 30. both north and south bound rams they're doing a widening project that will be in place through december. ongoing bridge mean its work on 55 continues all the
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way out to block sibylline both directions. in a much more coming up including russia retaliating against the u.s. over harsh sanctions involving ukraine. and opening arguments in the murder trial begin early this morning in south africa. and letters from a world war two sailor finally make it to the woman he was writing 70 years later. and were born to take a listen to
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an alert for attempted child during. will have the latest. police are sending troopers to help chicago police roundup fugitives. and the first ebola patient evacuated to europe arrived in spain. white an experimental treatment is likely not an option. good morning. dan will join us at the top of the hour. let's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. it's just the to us. make a good. we don't have any backup. >> dan will be here with his cape on in just a half an hour. you're the current temperatures.
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sugar grove is trading at 58. not much variation there or here. here are all the current temperatures. a sweet look across the region we have dry conditions. we stayed dry to the morning and into the afternoon. a low pressure system will grace us. it will bring the chance of showers to the south of the. that will go to tomorrow and the chance of rain stays all weekend. today's temperatures 79 degrees by 5:00 p.m.. here's the seven days forecast. 80 degrees today 83 smart appearance saturday we make 79 degrees. time to focus on traffic. >> over at elgin o'hare we have the ongoing road work. one lane blocked until 5:00 a.m.. that's right over at mecham. not too bad. volume is light. ongoing store work still blocked and
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also impacting the southern portion of halsted add diversity. watch for that will let you know once the wraps up the numbers look good. will break it all down in the next few minutes. >>police issued an alert after a man tried to lure two girls into his car. tonya francisco is live in the belmont gardens neighborhood with more.. tonya? >> good morning. police say the man was not alone. he had a dog in the car. a pit bull. police quickly issued the community alert last night. the girls say they were in the back of their home and around 5:00 p.m. when a man tried to talk them into getting into his car. instead the girls ran off and police were called. the girls did give a pretty good description of the suspect and the car. he's described as being 35-4 years old 60-62 with straight black
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hair crooked a yellow teeth, clean shaven with an olive complexion. girls say he had a deep and scary voice and the dog was a brown people with red color eyes. the car is described as a gray colored four-door honda with black rims with the letter each. the car also had paint missing on the front and sounded loud. the car also had his ornaments. if you have any information about the suspect or the car you are asked to give police a call at 312-744-8261. you could also send anonymous tips through the website at tips soft dot com. >> another attempted child kidnapping happened twice both to the same girl on the 3800
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block. the girl was in a park field house july 26th when a man came from behind grabbed her shoulder and try to turn her around. the girl ran out but then she saw the same man at the same park the following morning. again he went to her even the issues with her mother. this time he ran away when the mother asked if he was the same man who approached her the night before. >> final arguments now underway at the oscar pistorius murder trial. pistorius is on trial for the death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. he says he shot and killed her in the bathroom last year because he thought she was an intruder. but prosecutors say the shooting was pre-meditated murder. today the prosecution accused pistorius of lying on the stand and said the defense had no witnesses to back up his story. the defense will give its final arguments tomorrow before the judge announces when she'll give her verdict. taking a look at the *other top stories this morning. two men are in custody after trying to steal a cart full of groceries. it happened at the harlem and
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foster jewel-osco around seven p-m yesterday. the two men loaded their car.. and accelerated towards and an off-duty police officer. that's when she fired at the offenders. no one was injured. the governor and the mayor have struck a deal to have 40 illinois state troopers help chicago police hunt down wanted fugitives. the program will be tested for effectiveness after a month. some community groups would prefer the money be spent on education and economic opportunities. the father of the woman who pled guilty in a joliet double murder testified at the trial of suspect bethany mckee. phillip massaro said he was awakened by loud noises in his house while terrance rankins and eric glover were being strangled upstairs. his daughter alisa massaro is expected to take the stand today. we're in the final day of the 72-hour cease fire between israel and hamas. both sides have negotiators in egypt trying to work out a peace deal. israel says it supports extending the cease fire which expires in less than 24 hours. hamas says it has not agreed on any extensions.
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the president of liberia has declared a state of emergency over the ebola virus outbreak in his and other west african nations. here in the u-s the c-d-c is on its highest state of alert amid growing concerns over how the epidemic may spread. the death toll is approaching one thousand. and while two american patients are responding well to an experimental drug, it's too early to call it a cure for the deadly virus. >> and don't think all the deprivation is in on whether the drug is hopeful. >> to people who have it they want to wait a few weeks to see that they don't get terrible side effects like delivers are not destroyed or the don't die all the sudden. >>a spanish priest who contracted the disease is the first patient evacuated to europe. he's being treated in madrid. russia may retaliate against economic sanctions by banning food imports from the u-s and europe. a russian newspaper says a list of the banned foods will be published today. it will reportedly affect ten
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percent of food imports that include meat, poultry, and dairy products. a food safety official says the list has not been confirmed yet. all this comes after the u-s and europe imposed sanctions on russia for supporting rebels in ukraine. sergeant bowe bergdahl gave details about his disappearance from his post in afghanistan to the lead army investigator during an interview yesterday. it was the first time he formally described the events leading to his capture by the taliban five years ago. he was exchanged in may for five taliban prisoners from guantanamo bay in a swap that was criticized by some who accuse bergdahl of desertion. to teenagers are seeking political asylum. the two said they witnessed a gun battle in honduras that killed four people and wounded their grandmother. they're now in waukegan staying with their mother and another sister who was born in the country. there were detained after being caught entering texas illegally. >> he says in truth it was a bit difficult.
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>> give us a chance. give us a chance to explain. >> the was there sister was born in america. the mother has lived here for years but her immigration status is not known. a special delivery, 70 years in the making, brings joy and remembrance. the past came knocking yesterday for 85-year-old dorothy bartos carlberg... when two letters dating back to world war two were delivered into her hands. martha rodriguez lives at dorothy's old address in chicago, where the love letters from a sailor mysteriously arrived last month... decades late. she was determined to find their owner, who was delighted by their touch of romance. >> we were friends but nothing hanky-panky. >> you were the last girl i had been out with and i am disgusted with myself for not even trying to kiss you. >> what you think of that? >> my mother never liked that.
4:38 am
>>five years later, dorothy married an army man who passed away two years ago. their children wonder what might have been, if she'd gotten those letters when they were first sent. been happy can come down to repeat your expectations. that's the translation for the secretion scientists came up with. put a value on life events. the importance and what has happened in the past. the results say happiness does not count about what's happening around you but from when things are going better than expected. that could mean your chance of happiness goes up and your expectations are down. the site also found keeping your expectations high to make you happy earlier but that comes crashing down when things don't work. " frankly, robin has plugged this for years saying expected nothing and we will all be surprised. they have this down. >> we set the barlow. at 4:00 a.m. we set the bar below. and
4:39 am
it only goes up after that. 64 degrees is our current temperature. wind at 6 mi.. do points are at 55. it will be warm today the we don't have any rain. their grain will stay to the south. it's 61 and bartlett. 59 in union. looking around the region, called car coming in from the south and west. but not much. we will decrease by a low pressure system that moves to the south for in the chance of showers and storms south of the into tonight and into tomorrow. this will not be a direct hit. the chance of rain in chicago is quite low. before saturday it's a different story. better chance of rain. a little cooler along the lake. tamara's high temperature is 80. 30 percent chance of rain. saturday with a 30 percent chance of rain high temperature reaching 79 degrees.
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>> still ahead, details on a major computer preach against the homeland's security contractor. and find out what a sports illustrated model did before throwing out a flawless first pitch. and what a petition is asking of weird al in quebec. the blac
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stocks bounced low down adding 13 s&p was flat. a multi-billion dollar settlement in the financial crisis of 2008. bank of america has tentatively agreed to pay more than $16- and-a-half billion dollars for its role in mortgage securities fraud. if inked, this would be the largest settlement negotiated by the justice department and a group of states in u-s history. the deal includes 9 billion dollars in penalties. the rest would go to relief for homeowners. hackers may have gotten ahold of information belonging to government employees. u-s investigations services says hackers breached the government's computer system. u-s-i-s is a major contractor for the u-s government and provides background checks for them. they believe a foreign government may be responsible. in a statement... the company says the cyber attack had "all the markings of a state- sponsored attack." the f-b-i is investigating.
4:44 am
here are a few stories that are trending online this morning ... supermodel chrissy tiegen admitted on twitter she was tipsy from margaritas before throwing out the first pitch on her birthday last night at dodger stadium. how'd the sports illustrated swimsuit model do??? a little low, but not bad... and much better than many celebrity pitchers. but the celebration only confirms she had a bit too much tequila. she's on the ground again. i heard she did that at her wedding as well. she fell on the ground in her wedding dress as well. demetrius you didn't do enough throwing back before you throughout. maybe needed to roll on the ground. arnold schwarzenegger used social medial to reveal the title of his newest movie. he posted a picture of himself sitting in a director's chair with the title... "terminator genisys" on the back. filming just wrapped... and
4:45 am
schwarzenegger thanked the cast and crew for their hard work. it will be released in july of 20-15. this is the fifth terminator movie for schwarzenegger. the first one was released 30 years ago.... in 19-84. there is a petition on "change dot-org" to have *weird al* yankovic perform during this year's super bowl in arizona on february 2-nd. more than 43-thousand people have signed it so far! *weird al is on a roll lately... he just scored the first number one album of his career. the folks behind the youtube channel "baracks dubs" put up a new mash-up video. this time showing president obama get "fancy" with one of the biggest songs of the summer.
4:46 am
>> i love it. "barack dubs" has also edited the president to sing justin bieber and lady gaga. >> the little kids love that. >> even the big kids love that. >> rough fans know that is horrible rap music. but that's another story. in no were going to be in the nursing home dancing to that. walkers and everything in 2040. here the current temperatures. looking around, temperatures will be climbing into the upper '70's by the afternoon. satellite composite shows ... we imminent. >> that is fancy! he is a fancy. >> showers will continue to the south. 79 degrees by 5:00 p.m..
4:47 am
80 again on friday. saturday we make 79. sunday will make 80. >> he should spend less time commenting and more time working on the graphics. >> but had that direction to see what's happening. we do have some construction we're watching outbound side to county line. two right lanes are out until 5:00 a.m.. that's traffic. >> turn on my headphones. turn up my snare ... how are you guys doing? have you ever been to bears can? it's fun. you can do lots of stuff down there and they do great things for the families the good part is to get to see all the players up close and personal. i wanted to quiz fans on how well they know their favorite players based on bears players tweets. here's the trivia. >> i'm going to redo a tweet
4:48 am
from the bears player you tell me who said it. all of you in your jerseys are experts you know everything about the bears personally and professionally. >> some perspective on what we have. >> this chicago bear sent a picture of him wearing his wife's sarah pailin shades. who was it? >> wire you looking at me? >> they are in a conference debating the answer. brendan marshall. >> brenda marshall? mr. fashion. >> he treated a photo of his dream car which car is his dream car? lamborghini? it was a black conversion man. that's what he said was his dream car. he was a giant man. >> the right people in the right
4:49 am
seats. >> if anyone over 21 invites me to benne, for the birthday i will punch them in a hamstring i'm not entertained by the onion volcano or catching shrimp in your hat. who heat any, >> cartelist bennettmarterius b >> to note of a place in lake forest? who plays for is the golf? kyle long, that is right. >> is well documented i did have a lot of starch or experience. >> which one is famous for writing in a golf cart and destroying them. >> let's try it chorine. when a fan told chyle long he was looking chunky, long said i must
4:50 am
have just eden what? >> i must've just eden sushi. >> cheeseburger >> ribs >> spaghetti. >> the correct answer is jordan mills. >> he's fascinated with him. >> my best friend and my brother, along, i would not be here without you. >> high fives all around. the job you guys are great. do you guys want to think anybody? just take a break and will see later. >> co bears! good times. even go down there bill be there for a few more days. we will find that everything we need to know about who's gonna start for the bears. the preseason games are so great in the nfl. >> just the first one that after that that that that >> it does get you excited for the season. >> moving on, apparently they've
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bought a very expensive pad. and details on the marriage license of george clooney and his fiancee. stay with us. hi honey. [ male announcer ] you know that girl whose bad breath
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amal alamuddin are now one step closer to marriage.. the couple got their marriage license in london -- where alamuddin is based. a public notice is posted outside chelsea town hall -- which is a legal requirement for united kingdom citizens. the notice says the couple will get married in italy. the couple got engaged back in april. clooney's publicist had "no comment" on the report. alexis bledel and vincent kartheiser are married. the gilmore girls alum.. and mad men star secretly married in ojai, california this past june.sources say it was a small intimate family affair. the two began dating in early 20-12.. and became engaged in march of last year. this is the first marriage for the both of them. home sweet mega-mansion! kim kardashian and kanye west have purchased a $20 million estate in hidden hills, calif., sources confirm to us weekly. the 16,000 square foot mansion is located just minutes away from her mother. it was
4:55 am
reportedly once owned but has won and to some polls, a vineyard and and and timmons spenan entertainment center. afr years of construction headaches the walk away from a project they were building in los angeles and sell the property. i don't know if i can take another story for them. >> now and ready. i know what's happening. let's take a look at our day. we will have high temperatures in the low 80s. sun and clouds. tonight on the 63. chance of rain developing tonight and lingering through the weekend. high temperatures are in the upper 70's and low eighties for the next week. >> coming up, why the european ebola victims will not begin in the experimental drug victims. and dean tells us to vanity fair named best dressed this year.
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